Dragging Your Axe Behind You

Dragging Your Axe Behind You

JERSEY BEAT.COM – from the Editors Desk – Jan 2015
Eastern Anchors jokingly refer to themselves as “dad rock” in interviews but don’t be fooled; they might have careers and kids, but these New Jersey indie-rock lifers are still making music as potent and rousing as what they were doing back in the Nineties, when frontman Walter Greene and bassist Dave Urbano anchored New Brunswick’s great Aviso’Hara. With a template that still relies on crunchy guitars, melodic basslines, and powerful drums, the 7-track “Dragging Your Axe Behind You” (Viva! La Hara Records) was released just before Christmas as a teaser for the band’s next full length. From the soaring hook of “Above Your Station” (Soul Asylum wrestling Husker Du to a draw) to the plaintively yearning “Stop The Astronaut” (one of Greene’s signature modes of expression) to the Superchunk-meets-“Drop The Mids”-era Aviso brio of the title track, this long EP/short album never falters. The previously released “Under The Influence Of fIREHOSE” which pays tribute to one of the band’s major influences – spiritually and musically – while “Something Might Be Wrong” practically writes a textbook on melodic, crunchy 90’s alt-rock. The dazzling riffage of “Tres Banditos” wraps things up like Sonic Youth at their poppiest. News that drummer Ken Forbes has been replaced by monster drummer Brian Stoor augurs well for a brilliant 2015 from these guys.


Hip Video Spotlight Interviews: Eastern Anchors

Hip Video Spotlight Interviews: Eastern Anchors

Hip Video Spotlight interviews Eastern Anchors

I know we probably talked for what seems like hours but in the end our Hip Video Spotlight came out pretty good (We think) and short and sweet. Andy Gesner fired off some pretty interesting questions that seemed like it took us longer to answer then they did. Here’s the link to the Hip Video Spotlight page. I want my MTV. Don’t You?


Big ups to Director Pete Bune for helping us make the video for “Above Your Station”.


Radio Valencia FM Interview with Conan Neutron on Protonic Reversal

Radio Valencia FM Interview with Conan Neutron on Protonic Reversal

protonic reversal eastern anchors interview with Conan Neutron Radio Valencia FM

Dave did a radio interview on Conan Neutron’s show Protonic Reversal radio show. Talk Rock radio entertainment for a whole hour discussing playing 45’s at 33 and 1/3 and other inane things. Conan spins the new Eastern Anchors track “Above Your Station” from our split 7″ with Zero For Conduct and a couple tunes from the CD Drunken Arts and Pure Science. The show was a load of fun to do and hang out with him and his co-host Brandi. We gab about all the different bands Jon Reis and Rick Frohberg have been in over the years, the eastern anchors Rockumentary, and a whole other bunch of nonsense.

Can’t wait to go back.

Our Indie rock vinyl Split 7″ is now available

Our Indie rock vinyl Split 7″ is now available

Zero Conduct b/w Eastern Anchors split 7 vinyl records

Dear indie rock vinyl record lovers, this gives us much pleasure to make this new piece of wax available to you as a split 7″ with our friends Zero For Conduct! We pressed the virgin wax in the Netherlands with Furnace MFG. This vinyl sounds so warm and you can crank the crap out of it. Well you could if you owned a turntable that is. Obviously also available as a digital download as well for your electronic devices listening pleasure as well.

You can order this split from Nefarious Industries(NEF-16) or Viva! La Hara Records (VLH002). Either way we’ll get you a copy.

In the tradition of some of our favorite 7″s like the Nirvana/ Jesus Lizard split record or Sebadoh and Superchunk. We’ve put out this record to honor the asethetic and concept of making a physical record. It’s sometimes too easy to just put music up digitally. Big giant thank you’s to the awesome Mike Hilton for working the artwork for on this. He’s part of the magic of making things look real.


BUY: Nefarious Industries(NEF-16) or Viva! La Hara Records (VLH002).

New Split 7″ Eastern Anchors w/ our bros Zero for Conduct

New Split 7″ Eastern Anchors w/ our bros Zero for Conduct

Zero for Conduct + Eastern Anchors split 7" nefafarious industries

We are totally beyond over psyched to finally announce more fruits from our recent recording sessions at Nut House Recordings with Tom Beaujour (nada surf, GBV, Jennifer O’Connor). Here’s a piece of hot wax being documented on virgin black vinyl that we’re in a joint venture with our brothers from our third uncle Zero for Conduct doing their tune “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” b/w our song “Above Your Station” (Eastern Anchors) – The Artwork and design is by our good friend Mike Hilton.


Starting July 21st,2014 you can pre-order the very limited edition of 500 from Nefarious Industries  our direct from our bandcamps Viva! La Hara Records. Official release date Aug 12th. To celebrate and as part of Alex from Prosolar Mechanics big birthday party come get your own copy to avoid shipping charges.

FRI AUG 15th, 2014 Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ {FACEBOOK INVITE}

w/ 4444, The Milwaukees, Duochrome, EA and Zero for Conduct.

Ok any questions just tweet us or do the facehooker thing.

4th Member for Heavy Metal Band Wanted

4th Member for Heavy Metal Band Wanted

Heavy Metal Fans Wanted

Indie Rock Band Going Metal

Hi We’re the indie rock band known as Eastern Anchors and we are looking for the right look, pro attitude and a player with style and chops to complete our circle on rythm guitar. You must have your own gear and be willing to travel on weekends  as we will be playing lots of fucking amazing stages all over the place. It’s ok if you are a vegetarian or formerly straight edge. Tattoos optional. We only have one between us to be fair!

We have a strong twitter following so tweet us your pics and links @EasternAnchors  or EasternAnchors at Gmail or post to our facebook.com/EasternAnchors We have several promotional videos in production. Check out our previous videos on our channel youtube.com/VivalaHara

Here is our craig’s list advertisment: Metal Tribute Band Member Wanted

Heavy Metal Tour Bus

This is our tour bus

We have a used tour bus called Lucky Streak that we just bought from a Judas Priest tribute band. We are all in the limo driver business and do this band thing to make real money.

Please send us your demos and photos. If you have a audition video even better. Send that for us to review. You have to show us you are into this and really want this awesome paying gig. We have a manager who is willing to spill his guts for keeping metal alive.

Our sound borrows the look of 80’s but we sound like 70’s metal. We are going to cover contemporary music people will appreciate at Beach Clubs, Theme Parks and Metal clubs a lot around the East Coast.

We used to be a indie rock band but that did not pay the 1,000’s of dollars we should be making for our music.

This is out new direction and we think it is a bad ass idea so YOU should join us and show us what you got. EDM style music is ok but the look is not right.

This is your chance to show the hipsters what real music is like and supposed to be played like.

  • Don’t pass up this situation.
  • No Time wasters need apply.
  • Must be a decent player.
  • Must have chops
  • No Druggies

Check out our latest album called Drunken Arts and Pure Science.


Eastern Anchors econo video: Under the Influence of fIREHOSE

Eastern Anchors econo video: Under the Influence of fIREHOSE

We always ask ourselves. What would Mike Watt do? Seriously. He knows how to keep things econo and he taught us several valuable rock-n-roll lessons over the years. The first. If you are a musician, like the great jazz masters and blues guys, play until you drop. Explore music like you mean it man. Second, in order to keep things going. Be econo when it makes sense. So here’s our latest DIY/econo video shot on a GoPro “Under the Influence of fIREHOSE” from our coming release Dragging Your Axe Behind You.

Recorded in Hoboken New Jersey with our friend and producer/engineer with crazy ears Mr. Tom Beaujour at his place Nuthouse Recording located in the enigmatic north room of Water Music. Our guitars sound big and loud like they should. So that is all you need to know.

Full bandcamp release coming soon for the official first single with two other tracks. Followed by a piece of wax with many more songs.

Cool Dad Music and Greg from CAPTAIN’s DEAD totally featured “Under the influence of fIREHOSE” and Gimmetinnitus on their soundcloud page. Honored hombres.

Asbury Lanes Show: The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries + Eastern Anchors

Asbury Lanes Show: The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries + Eastern Anchors

The Martha's Vineyard Ferries & Eastern Anchors at Asbury Lanes We are super excited to be getting back to the Asbury Lanes first thing in 2014 with our new favorite band The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries. Their recent release on Jennifer O’Connor’s label Kiam Records is awesome and everything a indie rock record should feel like. It’s short, packed with hooks and has a fucking rainbow on the cover. Badass.


On Sunday January 12th Eastern Anchors will be making the usual noise with them and ambient rockers Seaside Caves and new local asbury band on the scene Triple Deuce!

We reviewed their latest mass. grave on our music blog – Review Stalker. Our venting place.




BIG MUFF: The Best Tshirt You’ll Ever Own

BIG MUFF: The Best Tshirt You’ll Ever Own

The Best BIG MUFF Tee T-Shirt you want to own


This Eastern Anchors BIG MUFF T-shirt Logo was designed by our pal Jerry Lardieri from The Brixton Riot. Originally for show we played at the court tavern in New Brunswick. We thought it was so cool we made a limited edition Tee out of it on heather gray. This is a two side tee with our swank pirate Viva! La Hara Records logo in the spine of your back.

Available in S / M / L / XL

You can order the best tshirt you will ever own right from our merchandise bandcamp page or if you want to paypal the money right over send to [headphonemusic @ gmail ]

Also you can send a Check or well concealed cash for US $20.00 for UK 22.oo or you can purchase by direct paypal just email and we’ll tell you how to confirm. We have 20 left in all sizes.

c/o David Urbano

1025 Grandview Ave

Westfield NJ 07090

Best Tshirts you ever own BIg MUFF

If you are not already stalking us on facebook.com/EasternAnchors | twitter.com/EasternAnchors or the tumblrs.