Band Bio

Eastern Anchors are a trio. Here’s a short rockumentary / documentary that should bring you up to speed how the band formed, etc. We’ve been making music off and on again together since late 2007 in Eastern Anchors. Famous for taking time off between releases in a respectable amount of time unlike the wrens. (who we love) Below are some nice super kind words from our old pal Mr. Jim Testa. We call everybody Mr. out of respect.

2015-2016 Lineup: Walter Verde, David Urbano and Brian Stoor on drums.

Jersey Beat | From the Editors Desk | By Jim Testa
From the Editors Desk by Jim Testa— If you knocked around New Brunswick at the end of the last century, you’ll remember the sonically adventurous and always entertaining Aviso’Hara, one of the Hub City’s best bands. Singer/guitarist Walter Greene and bassist Dave Urbano from Aviso – now teamed with drummer Ken Forbes – update Aviso’s guitar-intensive Nineties indie sound with the newest release from Eastern Anchors. Although all three members have recorded and performed with other groups throughout the 2000’s – while starting families and pursuing careers outside music – Drunken Arts & Pure Science seems a real return to form, an enthralling reminder of how exciting New Brunswick used to be. Greene’s keening vocals coupled with inventive riffs and entrancing melodies steal your attention, while the bass and drums churn up a deliciously dirty and throbbing bottom end. The combination of pure songcraft with inventive guitar parts recalls Sonic Youth at its most accessible, from the crashing chords of “Crown Vic” to the almost –R.E.M. pop jangle of “Leading To Your Right,” to the galloping energy of “Expected Highs.” The sad and reflective “Central Ohi” contrasts nicely with the hopefulness of “Clawhammer Man,” a riff- heavy ode to commitment. The album finishes up with the lovely homesick lament “Goodnight Jersey City” and the party-jam Seventies rock of “James The Viking,” driven by Urbano’s funky bass. Pretty sure you’ll see this record again on my Top 10 list at the end of the year; it’s surely one of the best albums to come out of the Garden State this year.
– JT 10/4/2012