New Split 7″ Eastern Anchors w/ our bros Zero for Conduct

New Split 7″ Eastern Anchors w/ our bros Zero for Conduct

Zero for Conduct + Eastern Anchors split 7" nefafarious industries

We are totally beyond over psyched to finally announce more fruits from our recent recording sessions at Nut House Recordings with Tom Beaujour (nada surf, GBV, Jennifer O’Connor). Here’s a piece of hot wax being documented on virgin black vinyl that we’re in a joint venture with our brothers from our third uncle Zero for Conduct doing their tune “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” b/w our song “Above Your Station” (Eastern Anchors) – The Artwork and design is by our good friend Mike Hilton.


Starting July 21st,2014 you can pre-order the very limited edition of 500 from Nefarious Industries  our direct from our bandcamps Viva! La Hara Records. Official release date Aug 12th. To celebrate and as part of Alex from Prosolar Mechanics big birthday party come get your own copy to avoid shipping charges.

FRI AUG 15th, 2014 Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ {FACEBOOK INVITE}

w/ 4444, The Milwaukees, Duochrome, EA and Zero for Conduct.

Ok any questions just tweet us or do the facehooker thing.

Asbury Lanes Show: The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries + Eastern Anchors

Asbury Lanes Show: The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries + Eastern Anchors

The Martha's Vineyard Ferries & Eastern Anchors at Asbury Lanes We are super excited to be getting back to the Asbury Lanes first thing in 2014 with our new favorite band The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries. Their recent release on Jennifer O’Connor’s label Kiam Records is awesome and everything a indie rock record should feel like. It’s short, packed with hooks and has a fucking rainbow on the cover. Badass.


On Sunday January 12th Eastern Anchors will be making the usual noise with them and ambient rockers Seaside Caves and new local asbury band on the scene Triple Deuce!

We reviewed their latest mass. grave on our music blog – Review Stalker. Our venting place.




Past & Old RocknRoll show Flyers and Posters

Past & Old RocknRoll show Flyers and Posters

Here’s some of the flyers from recent shows past. We like some of these very very much done by some real killer artists and good friends. It’s good to have friends who have more talent than us.

Parkside Lounge Show Eastern Anchors tri state Ameican ambulance Zombies of Strato

RockShop Show Gladshot Eastern Anchors and Adam Rubenstein

There are more on our facebooks page.Asbury Lanes Summer Shows!

Woods Party Ultrasphinx-Eastern Anchors Drive-home DJ Mike Merrell The Saint

Loop lounge Life Eaters Eastern Anchors

Court Tavern sign in front of Bar - New Brunswick NJ 2012

Punk is never gonna die unless you let it.

This is by far our most favorite and most evil flyer by BRIAN from Stuyvesant when we played one of our last Maxwells shows. Hurts to look at this. This was fucking Monday night show with Victory and associates. Thankfully it rocked very hard.

A very Bad Karma Christmas w/ Buzzkill, Eastern Anchors + More

A very Bad Karma Christmas w/ Buzzkill, Eastern Anchors + More


Court Tavern show flyer Bad Karma, Buzzkill, Eastern Anchors, TV Tramps, Mean Mistreaters

XMAS SHOW ON FRIDAY DEC 21st 2012, Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ

This will be Eastern Anchors last show of the year before we pick things right up in January and February. We could not think of a better way than to play the NEW Court Tavern than with our friends Bad Karma, Buzzkill, Mean Mistreaters and TV Tramps. There is gonna be a rock ass woopin’ this night. First band on at 9pm with Eastern Anchors on 2nd. Get there early it’s gonna be a good night of rock then you’re going to puke. Here is the Bad Karma Xmas facebook invite for ya!

Cour Tavern X-Mas show Fri Dec 12th Buzzkill, Eastern Anchors, Bad Karma

This one is by Doug from Bad Karma

Mayan Apocolpse Court Tavern Flyer Fri Dec 21st 2012

This one is by Mike from Buzzkill

I guess we need to see who can make the worse flyer to end this contest.