JERSEY BEAT.COM – from the Editors Desk – Jan 2015
Eastern Anchors jokingly refer to themselves as “dad rock” in interviews but don’t be fooled; they might have careers and kids, but these New Jersey indie-rock lifers are still making music as potent and rousing as what they were doing back in the Nineties, when frontman Walter Greene and bassist Dave Urbano anchored New Brunswick’s great Aviso’Hara. With a template that still relies on crunchy guitars, melodic basslines, and powerful drums, the 7-track “Dragging Your Axe Behind You” (Viva! La Hara Records) was released just before Christmas as a teaser for the band’s next full length. From the soaring hook of “Above Your Station” (Soul Asylum wrestling Husker Du to a draw) to the plaintively yearning “Stop The Astronaut” (one of Greene’s signature modes of expression) to the Superchunk-meets-“Drop The Mids”-era Aviso brio of the title track, this long EP/short album never falters. The previously released “Under The Influence Of fIREHOSE” which pays tribute to one of the band’s major influences – spiritually and musically – while “Something Might Be Wrong” practically writes a textbook on melodic, crunchy 90’s alt-rock. The dazzling riffage of “Tres Banditos” wraps things up like Sonic Youth at their poppiest. News that drummer Ken Forbes has been replaced by monster drummer Brian Stoor augurs well for a brilliant 2015 from these guys.