We always ask ourselves. What would Mike Watt do? Seriously. He knows how to keep things econo and he taught us several valuable rock-n-roll lessons over the years. The first. If you are a musician, like the great jazz masters and blues guys, play until you drop. Explore music like you mean it man. Second, in order to keep things going. Be econo when it makes sense. So here’s our latest DIY/econo video shot on a GoPro “Under the Influence of fIREHOSE” from our coming release Dragging Your Axe Behind You.

Recorded in Hoboken New Jersey with our friend and producer/engineer with crazy ears Mr. Tom Beaujour at his place Nuthouse Recording located in the enigmatic north room of Water Music. Our guitars sound big and loud like they should. So that is all you need to know.

Full bandcamp release coming soon for the official first single with two other tracks. Followed by a piece of wax with many more songs.

Cool Dad Music and Greg from CAPTAIN’s DEAD totally featured “Under the influence of fIREHOSE” and Gimmetinnitus on their soundcloud page. Honored hombres.