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We are super honored to be able to help out a situation in this situation. We realize we’re not even on the same plain as Magnolia Electric Co was but none the less happy to contribute to the 39 songs put together by Steven Vineis from the band Blacks. As big fans of somebody’s ability to write as many amazing songs as Jason Molina did ¬†we could only hope to he as prolific as this man. All proceeds for this compilation go to the loved one’s he has left behind. Sincerely.


“Songs: Molina” – A Benefit Compilation for Jason Molina’s Survivors



When we recorded this track we thought it would be a good idea to make a video or something. This is actually the first cover we ever recorded in all our years playing together that we released. Sure we’ll whip into ‘web in front’ or bastardize a radiohead song at practice for a few bars in replacements style but this is one of those songs we wish we actually wrote. It’s short and to the point. Perfect. Who needs more? We shot a bunch of footage of recording this in Walt’s kitchen along with some new songs for our next album but it just didn’t feel right so here’s where we ended up to do our part. We never though “It Made Me Cry” would be the lead track! As personal as his songs are we thought it was apropos to do something with a home movie feel to it. So enjoy and support the compilation and his family. Thank you and remember to live your life in full because you never know.

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