Zero Conduct b/w Eastern Anchors split 7 vinyl records

Dear indie rock vinyl record lovers, this gives us much pleasure to make this new piece of wax available to you as a split 7″ with our friends Zero For Conduct! We pressed the virgin wax in the Netherlands with Furnace MFG. This vinyl sounds so warm and you can crank the crap out of it. Well you could if you owned a turntable that is. Obviously also available as a digital download as well for your electronic devices listening pleasure as well.

You can order this split from Nefarious Industries(NEF-16) or Viva! La Hara Records (VLH002). Either way we’ll get you a copy.

In the tradition of some of our favorite 7″s like the Nirvana/ Jesus Lizard split record or Sebadoh and Superchunk. We’ve put out this record to honor the asethetic and concept of making a physical record. It’s sometimes too easy to just put music up digitally. Big giant thank you’s to the awesome Mike Hilton for working the artwork for on this. He’s part of the magic of making things look real.


BUY: Nefarious Industries(NEF-16) or Viva! La Hara Records (VLH002).