Drunken Arts and Pure Science

Recorded by Tom Beaujour at The Nuthouse Hoboken, NJ

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Drunken Arts and Pure Science on Viva! La Hara records (2012)
James The Viking (Single) 2012
EA Self titled EP on Bandcamp (2010)

A Benefit Compilation for Jason Molina’s Survivors “Songs: Molina – A 39 song tribute mixed with covers and originals dedicated to life of singer songwriter of Magnolia Electric co.. Compiled by Steven Vineis. Eastern Anchors were accepted as the lead track “It Made Me Cry”.

Hey Sandy, We’re Still Here. (A Hurricane Benefit) put out by The Everymen features a single called“Hand on Your Heart” that we recorded with Mike Mobius at his studio Moonlight Mile in Hoboken, NJ.

Sandy Relief Cooperative from Honolulu, Hawaii put out by our old friend Frank Bressi. Features a previously unreleased single called “No Maps” recorded during the Moonlight Mile sessions. Also on comp is a tune by Mike Watt.