Zero for Conduct + Eastern Anchors split 7" nefafarious industries

We are totally beyond over psyched to finally announce more fruits from our recent recording sessions at Nut House Recordings with Tom Beaujour (nada surf, GBV, Jennifer O’Connor). Here’s a piece of hot wax being documented on virgin black vinyl that we’re in a joint venture with our brothers from our third uncle Zero for Conduct doing their tune “Average Marks Make Shitty Sparks” b/w our song “Above Your Station” (Eastern Anchors) – The Artwork and design is by our good friend Mike Hilton.


Starting July 21st,2014 you can pre-order the very limited edition of 500 from Nefarious Industries  our direct from our bandcamps Viva! La Hara Records. Official release date Aug 12th. To celebrate and as part of Alex from Prosolar Mechanics big birthday party come get your own copy to avoid shipping charges.

FRI AUG 15th, 2014 Court Tavern, New Brunswick NJ {FACEBOOK INVITE}

w/ 4444, The Milwaukees, Duochrome, EA and Zero for Conduct.

Ok any questions just tweet us or do the facehooker thing.