Aviso Hara song featured in the Texas A&M Forest Service video

Going back like 15 years Walter wrote “Red 5 (Standing by)” for our old band Aviso’Hara. We subsequently recorded the song about 3 times and never imagined that the little raw guitar notes would end up in public service announcement about saving trees. The band was always about slaying them down with our wood axes but alas in our more mature years we are humbly flattered that film maker Lorena Cejudo asked us to contribute a tune to her project. Plant a tree not just on earth day!

Download and listen:
Red Five (Standing by) – 7″ EP Mature & Unsatisfied on Vital Cog Records (1997)
Red Five – The Hit Factory Version Recorded by Tony Black (1998)
Standing by – The goodnight sweetheart album version (1999)